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New USPTO Guidelines for Software Patent Eligibility

April 25, 2019

USPTO Releases New Guidelines on Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Anyone who has had a patent application examined during the last few years in which software of any form is part of the invention can likely relate to the challenges that have … Continue reading

US Supreme Court – 2017 – Stay Tuned

February 17, 2017

The US Supreme Court will decide numerous intellectual property cases in the 2017 term. Here is a brief overview of three of them. TC HARTLAND V. KRAFT The TC Hartland case addresses where patent infringement lawsuits can be litigated. Patent … Continue reading

U.S. Supreme Court – Recent IP Decisions

September 20, 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court’s most recent term addressed various cases that relate to intellectual property. Here is a brief overview of three of them. HALO ELECTRONICS v. PULSE ELECTRONICS The Halo decision addresses enhanced damages in patent litigations. In Halo, … Continue reading


September 20, 2016

Hashtags serve an important function in social media, whether used ironically (#yolo – which stands for you only live once) or earnestly (#blessed). By adding a pound sign before a word or phrase, content is organized by topic, which makes … Continue reading

Trademark Squatters: 1; Apple: 0

September 20, 2016

Move over, Apple. There’s a new IPHONE in town. Of course, that town is in China and, oddly enough, that IPHONE is a line of purses and wallets, but still… In 2002, well before the seminal device’s 2009 release, Apple … Continue reading

Apple vs. Samsung: Court Overturns $120 Million Apple Patent Victory

April 15, 2016

If you think it seems like Apple and Samsung have been battling over intellectual property for a long time, you’d be right. Now in its fifth year, the competitive issues involving the patents in question have largely been rectified and … Continue reading

Macy’s Loses Six Trademarks, Retains Rights to Marshall Field’s Trademark

April 15, 2016

Much like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, if a business is acquired and its name is no longer in use, are its trademark rights still valid? That was the crux of a 5-year legal battle between Macy’s and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to You: Megahit Song May Enter Public Domain

April 15, 2016

Celebrating a birthday and singing “Happy Birthday to You” go together like, well, cake and ice cream – or, perhaps more accurately, copyright and money. This quintessential song of celebration receives somewhere around $2 million per year in usage fees, … Continue reading

Trademark Standoff in Yosemite National Park

April 15, 2016

Just mentioning Yosemite National Park will conjure up many a spectacular mental image. Towering granite cliffs emerging from a verdant valley. Trees that make you wonder how something living can possibly be that big and that old. Waterfalls that spring … Continue reading

Responsible Image Use and You

November 24, 2015

When you’re looking for an image for a marketing project, the temptation is there to use whatever pops up in a simple Google search. Even when you think you’re doing the right thing – by paying for an image or … Continue reading

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