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Patents and trademarks are not self-enforcing. If you feel another company is encroaching on your rights, you need experienced litigators to bring the infringement to a halt and recover what you are entitled to under the law. And don’t panic if you receive a cease-and-desist letter. Our team of experienced litigators is here to stand up for you to defend against infringement accusations.

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USPTO Institutes Prioritized Examination for Patent Applications

As of September 26, the America Invents Act now grants Prioritized Examination (PE) for those companies/inventors willing to pay an additional application petition fee. The new PE program places applications on a prioritized "fast track" toward final disposition. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark...

Congress OKs “Virtual” Patent Marking;Patent Reform Limits False Marking Suits

As you may know, in order to insure that you are entitled to immediate damages for patent infringement, it has been necessary to "mark" product(s) covered by patent(s) with the patent number(s). Historically, this has been done by printing and placing labels on products or...

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