The Most Useful Treatise You Will Ever Own

Boyle Fredrickson is proud to announce the publication of  the second edition of Trademark Law: Protection, Enforcement and Licensing, written by our very own Adam Brookman. We’ve been telling you for years that Adam is a foremost authority and leading expert in trademark law — and here’s even more proof that he truly is one of the top minds in the field!

This new edition is exceptionally educational work. To underscore just how useful it is, we’ve created a video illustrating the treatise’s practicality. “The Top 10 Ways to Use the New Edition of Adam Brookman’s Trademark Treatise” is a reminder of the importance of keeping things light and staying creative. And if you weren’t already aware of just how knowledgeable and inventive Adam is, this video will leave no doubts.

After you’ve set up a daily calendar reminder to watch this video, give us a call to get your hands on a copy of this invaluable resource on trademark law — or let us know if you just need some trademark advice!


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