Inside The Numbers: Boyle Fredrickson Establishes New High For Patent Applications Filed

Boyle Fredrickson, Wisconsin’s largest intellectual property law firm, recently announced its patent and trademark numbers for 2008. Annually among the nation’s leading firms for patent and trademark applications filed, 2008 proved to be a productive year for Boyle Fredrickson’s patent attorneys. The firm filed 670 total patent applications and received 289 patents on behalf of its clients for the previous year. The filing of 670 patent applications sets a new high mark for Boyle Fredrickson.

Boyle Fredrickson’s 2008 trademark numbers also remain consistent with the firm’s strong recent history. Over the last year, the firm filed a total of 223 trademark applications and was responsible for registering 176 trademarks on behalf of its clients. The chart below shows the firm’s strong track record for patents and trademarks over the past three years:



About Boyle Fredrickson

Established in 1999, Boyle Fredrickson has grown to become Wisconsin’s largest intellectual property law firm. You’ve got ideas, we protect them.

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