Client Spotlight: Nothing Rivals The Colman Group’s Chef Revival

Over the past 30 years, The Colman Group has become a world leader in innovation for food safety, counter service dispensing and washroom dispensing. The company’s San Jamar brand name has earned a reputation for high-quality paper towel and tissue dispensers, commercial kitchen food safety tools, cutting boards, napkin and cup dispensers and a host of other essential commercial kitchen and bathroom goods. However, one of Colman Group’s products can claim true celebrity status – their Chef Revival line of clothing. Viewed by millions of people every Tuesday night on TV’s Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Revival attire adorns all of the show’s contestants while in the kitchen, including star Gordon Ramsay.

Boyle Fredrickson attorney Adam Brookman has worked with The Colman Group for more than eight years. Over that time period, Brookman has overseen most of the company’s patent and trademark applications as the company’s brands and innovative products penetrate more markets and lines of business. With dozens of patents and trademarks issued, and dozens more pending, Brookman meets with Colman officials regularly to discuss the status of their numerous applications and business ventures. Most recently, members of The Colman Group’s management team were able to tour the new Boyle Fredrickson offices in downtown Milwaukee. It was an opportunity both attorney and client enjoyed.

“Colman is constantly innovating,” says Brookman. “They always look for something new, something to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. From the IP side, they understand the importance of protecting their products to help secure a competitive advantage. It’s been a real pleasure seeing them grow over the years.”

The Colman Group is headquartered in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. For more information about the Chef Revival line of clothing, visit Chef Revival was one of Boyle Fredrickson’s 153 filed trademarks last year. For more information about trademark related issues, consult Adam Brookman or other Boyle Fredrickson attorneys.


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