Western District Of Wisconsin Dubbed “Rocket Docket”

The Western District of Wisconsin has garnered acclaim as one of the most efficient and plaintiff friendly federal courts in the United States. According to IP Law360, the Court now ranks as one of the country’s 25 most popular courts for patent litigation. Thanks in large part to the Court’s processing speed in terms of case filing to final disposition, the Court is cultivating a national reputation for its capabilities. The median time to disposition for the Wisconsin Court is a mere 4.4 months, while the median time to trial is only 10.4 months. These averages are among national leaders and have helped to establish the Western District of Wisconsin as a known “rocket docket.”

Another important piece of information for patent owners comes from a 2008 study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. According to their recently published report, the Western District of Wisconsin ranks 1st for plaintiff success rates on summary judgments and 5th in terms of overall plaintiff success rate. Findings hold that plaintiffs are successful in 36.4% of summary judgments in the Wisconsin Court. The national average is almost halved at 18.9%. Of equal interest is that the Court’s judgments of tried cases favor the plaintiff 66.7% of the time. The national average, however, is noticeably less at 57%.

Located in Madison, the Western District of Wisconsin remains a hotbed for IP-related litigation matters that stem from the western half of the state. Currently there are a number of innovative businesses falling under the Western District umbrella that rely on the dependable service of Boyle Fredrickson attorneys. They can be counted on for sound counsel and litigation expertise in a court system that remains truly unique in both efficiency and judgment tendencies. For more information about the Western District of Wisconsin, visit: http://www.wiwd.uscourts.gov/.


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