Client Spotlight: Gauthier Biomedical

“We’re no stranger to innovation,” says Michael Gauthier, president of Gauthier Biomedical. “Gauthier Biomedical has a long history of customizing instruments for our clients. That often means relying on Matt Corr and the folks at Boyle Fredrickson to make sure our intellectual property remains ‘our intellectual property.’ There are a lot of imitators, but Matt helps protect our designs and secure our place in the industry.”

Located in Grafton, Wisconsin, Gauthier Biomedical employs a staff of 50 dedicated professionals and has been in business for eight years. A Boyle Fredrickson client since 2000, they manufacture high quality tools in the handheld orthopedic and spinal instrumentation industry. During that time, they have worked closely with Boyle Fredrickson Attorney Mathew E. Corr on several matters pertaining to intellectual property. Corr routinely helps Gauthier Biomedical with their patent prosecution needs.

Corr recently helped Gauthier Biomedical patent multiple designs for the company’s ratcheting screwdrivers and torque instruments. The tools’ unique designs limit axial and side-to-side movement between the shaft and handle resulting in a smooth, precise and strong feel. The instruments are an asset to spinal orthopedic surgeons who are placing long pedicle screws in patients’ vertebrae. These instruments allow surgeons to quickly implant existing screw designs without sacrificing bone purchase and pull-out strength associated with double-lead screws.

“As an intellectual property attorney, it’s easy to get excited about working with a client like Gauthier Biomedical,” says Corr. “Not only are they constantly pushing the envelope with new and unique medical tool designs, but Mr. Gauthier and his staff truly understand the value of IP protection within their industry.”


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