Camp Invention Excites Children about Math and Science

Boyle Fredrickson Vice President, Atty. Michael Gratz, has long been an advocate and active participant in Camp Invention. For the past several years, Gratz has helped Camp Invention staff reach out to elementary school children and get them excited about science and math through a host of fun and interactive learning activities. This past summer, Gratz teamed up with inventor Dave Engsberg of Joral Devices to talk to the children about what patent attorneys and inventors do and how they interact with one another.

Camp Invention summer programs are weeklong experiences aimed at children in first through sixth grades. Their programs have been critically acclaimed for helping educate America’s youngsters and Camp Invention Provides Children with Innovative Educational Programming Focused on Science and Mathematics break down the fallacies that science and math are “boring” or “too hard.” Camp Invention curriculums are provided to interested schools and organizations and their programs are led by local teachers to help ensure a safe learning environment.

“As an intellectual property law firm relying heavily on the development of new technologies, it is important for Boyle Fredrickson to support programs that help foster innovation,” says Gratz. “Focusing on our children just seems like a logical choice. With Camp Invention, not only are kids immersed in the world of science and mathematics, children are also taught the value of teamwork and gain a new appreciation for discovery,” says Gratz. “Or as the program heads like to say ‘it’s learning disguised as fun!’”

Camp Invention is the brainchild of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation with support from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Since its inception in 1990, the program has grown to include more than 900 sites in 47 states. With the United States seeing fewer students following career paths in science and mathematics, programs like Camp Invention can have a positive impact in reversing this trend. Those interested in enrollment or sponsorship information for Camp Invention are encouraged to contact Camp Invention’s Regional Coordinator Stephanie Stortz.


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